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"... a thoroughly remarkable story."

     -Kirkus Reviews


Sick of killing the majestic animals that roam his game reserve, big game hunter Cameron Jamieson has his heart set on switching his business to a photo-safari company, African style. But to fund it, he must lead one last, successful hunt... however, Cameron has a dark secret to hide, one that could destroy his family's legacy. As he finds himself facing almost impossible odds, he leans on the support of his friends—especially a beautiful young female bush pilot with whom he falls in love—until they learn about his secret. It repels them. But as they fall away from him, the fact that they were once so closely entwined places them all in great peril.


Set against the stunning backdrop of the world's largest temperate rainforest, this action/adventure novel is filled with swashbuckling characters... a German heiress, a deranged doctor, a hidden stone mask... and First Nations people and their ancient, almost mystical traditions still followed by some.


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