January 14, 2018

-After a thoroughly enjoyable two night stay in Hong Kong (see blog), I am now relaxing in Auckland, New Zealand. I will be here for three weeks researching and writing my fourth novel, The Codebreaker, the third book in the trilogy of the Fabian Castillion assassin suspense series. Don't worry, there will be plenty more books to come in this series.

I am pleased to announce The donkey, the Wolf and the Lion is now on sale around the world- don't you just love eBooks! Through the Herculean power of the internet it is available at 26,000 libraries and multiple eBook distribution platforms including Amazon Kindle, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords.

August 18, 2017

-The Donkey, the Wolf and the Lion is now in post-production with my amazing copy editor (name withheld for reasons of wanting to keep her brilliant talent all to myself!) I expect post-production to take about 3 months in total so the book should be released in early December, just in time for Christmas.



March 25, 2016

-Now safely back on Bowen Island just off Vancouver, Canada, after a very long world trip. I was away for more than six months and am very pleased to be back home. The Donkey, the Wolf and the Lion is just about to break fifty thousand words. I am aiming for about 70,000 words which I should complete by the end of June. And then of course it goes into post-production, with a release date later in the year. I'm enjoying writing about Italy and Vatican City too much to stop now! Memories are still fresh of the wonderful time I had in Rome. What a great city!

December 13, 2015

-Currently editing first half of the Lion Feeds at Night. I will begin writing the final third of the book in the new year and by about the middle of February the first draft should be completed. Then post-production begins, a process which takes several months. I'll be posting fortnightly updates henceforth.

February 10, 2016


-I am now living in the beautiful Italian city of Florence (Firenze), the regional capital of Tuscany. I have been working on the website for three days now and will shortly begin writing again on The Donkey, the Wolf and the Lion while my mind is fresh with the sounds and smells of Rome.

​​January 28, 2016

-I have now completed thirty thousand words of The Donkey, the Wolf and the Lion to about 2nd draft, I would say. This book is looking more and more like a long novella the more I get into it. Which I don't think is a bad thing. If you look on the internet, typical novella lengths are between 20,000 to 45/50,000 words. I think this book will come in at about 45-50, therefore making it a long novella. Or is that a short novel? I don't think it hurts to write shorter stories. As long as they're good. Hopefully this is. The reader will be the ultimate judge, jury and executioner, as they should be. Rome in a few days' time should be a lot of fun and should bring the research aspect of the book right up to speed.

-I'm almost 7,000 words into The donkey, the Wolf and the Lion and it's going swimmingly. Good story, fast-paced, this one's bound to be a cracker! (A firecracker that is.)