Monday January 8, 2018.

I arrived in Auckland in the early afternoon and was met by family. We drove out into the countryside to the lovely village of Beachlands on the eastern periphery of the city. Here we enjoy the best of both worlds, rural living-with its peace and tranquility-while still being within a stone's throw of bustling downtown Auckland. I wake up each morning to lambs bleating in the paddock next to the house. From our perch atop the low rise that the village is situated upon, sweeping views down to the ocean and surrounding islands give way to the distant dominoes of Auckland city, the concrete megaliths capped by the Sky Tower, at 1,000 feet, high enough to poke out through the mists that roll in off the harbour.

Friday January 5, 2018.

I flew in this evening to Hong Kong International Airport. It was 24C when we landed and muggy with an eerie, overcast sky blanketing the local mountains and city. Once I cleared customs I caught the Hong Kong MTR (Mass Transit Railway) into the city to Central Station. It took about 24 mins, about the same time that it takes from YVR to Vancouver on the SkyTrain. I stayed for two glorious nights at the Hong Kong Pottinger Hotel, a lovely boutique hotel on an historic stone slab street. See blog for more details of this short trip.

Friday March 26, 2016.


As I said in my travel blog, I'm now back in Vancouver, Canada, after a very long trip abroad. My time spent in Florence was purely for pleasure, not for research purposes, but I have to say it is the most beautiful city I have been to yet. I visited as a kid with my family but am too old to recall it. Please excuse the quality of the photos as I have a cheap little camera which doesn't do justice to this ancient city, especially at night when the moonlight glints off the river that runs through the center of the city. Each night the central city blocks were buzzing with tourists who crowded into the narrow streets till late. I stayed for a month at an Airbnb, and found myself walking along the Tiber River each afternoon after a day of writing to enjoy the many restaurants and cafes that the city had to offer. Fond memories indeed!-I thoroughly recommend a visit to this part of Tuscany. Venice and Pisa are nearby and there are many other things to visit and see.


Wednesday February 10, 2016.


I'm now in Florence, Tuscany. Just to recap my time spent in Rome here are a few random photos. What a great city! The Vatican was a real highlight and did not disappoint. There is so much hidden beneath the ground and behind closed doors in this city but what I did see was well worth it. The Italians are very friendly people and gracious hosts. They mostly seem to speak English but if they only speak a few words will still gladly try and give directions.


Saturday November 28, 2015.


Just a brief catch up here. I've been doing a lot of work on the website to improve it over the last couple of weeks. Hope you like it! In a few days I will begin work on The Lion Feeds at Night once again. This should be finished in rough, pre-edited form by Christmas. In a few days I will also begin writing Club of Rome. In early February I will be in Rome to aid my research in writing this exciting new thriller. It's a sequel to The Omega Sequence and continues the life of Fabian, otherwise known as Prometheus, a once contract hitman who is reformed. Or is he?...

Tuesday December 15, 2015.


Not much news to speak of. I'll be staying on the beautiful island of Belle Isle for another six weeks, then it's off to Rome for six weeks. Looking forward to it! I think I'll be staying in the city of Trieste in the northeastern corner of Italy, situated on a narrow sliver of land that borders Slovenia. For now, please enjoy some photos of Belle Isle including the citadel, the main village of Le Palais, and some photos of my friends at the beach on the western, or Atlantic, side of the island. Temperatures are mild here compared to Vancouver. Some days have been 14 degrees C.

Le Atlantique
Nelson King
World War 2 gun emplacement
Le Palais
Le Citadel
Le Atlantique
Charming Le Palais
Le Atlantique
Nelson's shoes
Le Atlantique
Belle Isle, France
Le Atlantique

Saturday November 7, 2015.


I am now living on the island of Belle-île-en-Mer (beautiful island in the sea) off the coast of Brittany for the next three months. I'm finishing up 'The Lion Feeds at Night,' hopefully by Christmas, but this won't stop me beginning my fourth novel very shortly which I'll be writing concurrently. As you'll see from the following photos it really is lovely here. The island has four villages-the one I'm staying in is probably the quietest. Monet painted sea and rockscapes for a time here and reinvented himself. Hopefully I can do the same! The people on the island are very hospitable, even the Parisians I found absolutely delightful. All of the photos were taken on Belle-île-en-Mer.

More to come...

Thursday November 5, 2015.


I arrived in Paris via Amsterdam yesterday morning. Paris is a stunning city but unfortunately due to the amount of people and general busyness of the place I only lasted two days.  It's also very expensive especially if you're not earning euros. A cup (small) of hot chocolate will set you back almost 7 euros which equates to about ten Canadian dollars. The outskirts of Paris were a bit rough but the centre of the city is stunning. Here are a few pictures inlcuding the KLM Airbus waiting at the gate at Vancouver International Airport in preperation for the flight to Amsterdam.

Sunday August 2, 2015.


The last few weeks have been extremely busy and thanks to the amazing help of my proofreader I'm pleased to announce 'The Omega Sequence' is now live on A big thanks to my editors, aforementioned proofreader, and pre-readers in New Zealand and England who helped make this book possible. The link on the main page, beneath the synopsis and cover, will take you directly to amazon where you can purchase the book. My heartfelt thanks to you if you take the leap with a realtively new author! The book was four years in the making and required a lot of research and time, and obviously financial investment. It is partly based on true events and I met with the 'scientist character' in Toronto over lunch one day about three years ago. I will not name him as per his wishes. If you're patient, and can wait another week then I will be programming in a countdown deal with KDP select offering substantial deals on the list price at Stay tuned. Thank you for your support.

Wednesday July 15, 2015.


Great news! Today my proofreader sent me back the finished manuscript. I have about a week of changes to make, minor, followed by two or three days uploading to amazon and re-checking the formatting so that it's perfect. The book will be available digitally (no hard copy-sorry) for ipad, kindle, smartphone, and other devices that run kindle app. Publication day for 'The Omega Sequence' will be August 1, 2015. I'll post regular progress reports.


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Belle Isle, France