mysterious image of an assassin and a beautiful woman
The Omega Sequence cover by author Nelson King






"The story first centers on Douglas MacDougall, an irascible, penny-pinching old Scotsman with a penchant for drink—stereotype, anyone?—as he takes on the big gen-engineering corporations in this fast-paced, painstakingly researched thriller that spans the globe. By itself, that’s enough of a plot to keep me reading, but he joins forces with a motley crew of researchers searching for a plant reputed to cure cancer.


Interesting, but I didn’t see the connection: how can food security be helped by a miracle plant? Meanwhile, his would-be assassin, employed by government bigwigs who wish to silence him, enters the action as a ruthless killing machine but winds up a reformed, lovestruck man devoted to the Scotsman’s rather empty-headed, coquettish granddaughter. Realistic? Probably not, and frankly, I would have liked to read more about his prior sadistic sexual nature instead—I found that chapter absolutely riveting.


The twists and turns of the story are relentless and can be hard to follow at times, with the main plot seemingly disappearing in favor of the love story: what happened with the seeds? Perhaps I’ll find out in the sequel. Still, a well-crafted, fascinating read and a chilling reminder that the days of natural, unadulterated foods are over. Go buy your organic soybeans and heirloom tomatoes before it's too late."


Shelley Hudson, copy editor