Book Review: The Tombs

Clive Cussler's 'The Tombs'

with Thomas Perry

This is a shining example of how fun popular fiction can be to read, at least for the first handful of chapters. And then the discoveries of ancient artifacts and buried tombs flow thick and fast. What this book lacks is suspense. The build-ups to each discovery are interesting, setting the stage for what I thought would be a hard-fought discovery. And then wham! They dig down and the treasure is exactly where it’s supposed to be according to the map. Quite disapointing!

Overall the book is well-written, with witty dialogue and fast-moving scenes.

But don’t worry, the narrative picks up at around the page 250 mark, as one of the major characters is kidnapped.

This is a lot better novel than Cussler’s 'The Jungle' co-written by Jack Du Brul. That book in my opinion deserves 1/5. It was hastily put together, seemed to lack at least one major final edit, and was pretty much unfinishable. Suffice to say that I won’t be reading another Jack Du Brul novel in the very near future. Thomas Perry I would read again, especially if I had a day or two where I could lie down and relax.

Verdict: Overall 'The Tombs' is a solid book if you ignore the frustrating ease with which the treasures are discovered.

Grade: 3.4/5.0. I recommend this book for airports or on a beach where one doesn't have to think too hard. Honestly, the first 50 pages were awesome and the last few chapters were extremely solid and actually quite suspenseful.


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