Arrival in New Zealand

I arrived Thursday morning at about 4.30 am local time at Auckland International Airport. Here I'm waiting outside the arrivals lounge in Auckland after successfully transiting customs.

I stayed with my brother and sister-in-law and my wee nephew for four days in Auckland and then flew down to Wellington, the capital. Below is the impressive arrivals lounge at Wellington International Airport which is heavily influenced by famed New Zealand film producer Sir Peter Jackson. Notice the large eagle behind me. This eagle, with a 50 foot wingspan, carries a likeness of Gandalf, and is there to promote the Hobit trilogy. There is also a similarly sized sculpture of Gollum at the other end of the terminal.

Gollum catching fish.

Please stay tuned for more news about my New Zealand adventure. You can also check 'News & Events' on home page beneath BIO tab or visit my travel blog at

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