Wellington, New Zealand

'The Lion Feeds at Night,' the second book in a series of historical fiction novels that begin in New Zealand and travel to Canada via Africa, is progressing on schedule. I expect it will be finished by the end of the year while I live in France. During this time I will be residing on an idylic island off Brittany for twelve weeks. I must admit I'm looking forward to this immensely. Also, upon my arrival in France, I will start a fourth book, 'Sell to the Devil,' which is more of a thriller-assasin type novel more in keeping with 'The Omega Sequence.' In fact it's a sequel to that novel.

And now, back to Wellington. Below is a photo of Katherine Mansfield's birth-place which is located in the centre of the city. I think most literary critics would agree Katherine is still New Zealand's greatest literary export. She excelled in literary modernism, and counted among her close friends D.H. Lawrence and Virginia Wolf.

In the next photo I am standing on the site of the original Wellington Aero Club at Wellington International Airport where I trained as a private pilot. Obviously the old building has been replaced by this far more impressive structure you see looming behind me. The old building, which wasn't much more than a two storey house, was moved to make way for this new hangar. Interestingly, Sir Peter Jackson keeps his Gulfstream G650 stored inside this structure. About seven minutes drive away from the airport are his impressive studios. See the last photo for a look.

Sir Peter Jackson was born in Wellington and still calls the city home even after all his success. He has done a lot of good for the city, including saving several churches from demolition, one or two theatres, and probably a lot more that I don't know about. Well done Sir Peter!

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