Europe is cheap!

The other day I caught a high-speed TGV train from Paris to the town of Auray. Auray is situated about thirty kilometers inland from the coast of Brittany. The trip is approximately 478 kilometers by car, less by train. Still, the trip only took two and a half hours and cost me 70 euros which is very reasonable.

As you know I'm living on the island of Belle-île-en-Mer. (For a photo of my apartment and general photos of the village please see News & Events dated Sunday November 7, 2015.) What you don't know is that I like to travel with virtually no plans, winging it as they say. Which kind of adds an element of excitement to things. I met a young couple on the ferry over to the island and as luck would have it the young man's mother rented apartments on the island. I stepped off the ferry with them and his mother drove us striaght to the apartment building. I payed nine hundred euros for three months accomodation. Very reasonable! As you will see from the photos of my apartment the view out of the window each morning is sublime. I am right smack in the center of a four hundred year-old fishing village. It seems I landed on my feet!

Below is a couple of photos of the mini-mart up the road at the end of the village. Prices are very reasonable, definately cheaper than New Zealand and a lot cheaper than Canada. Plus the quality of the raw ingredients are on a par with New Zealand. Tomatoes actually taste like tomatoes, unlike Canada where a lot of the vegetables are hothouse and something isn't right with them. I've heard other people describe these vegetables as nutritionless and I'd have to agree.

As I've stated before the people are lovely. Very laid back and they like to have a good laugh. I find them very playful which is good because that's my kind of personality too. The bottom photo is a picture of my new friends Curtis, Odile, and Manon. Au revoir for now!

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